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Banobagi's Body Contouring (Bum Lift)
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Types of Calf Problems

Body Contouring (Implants)

Body Contouring is the surgical procedure to contour the body to achieve the desire body shape through implants. While Liposuction is also considered as a body contouring procedure, we shall focus on the implants category. General public thinks that only breasts and nose have implants procedures, but butt, cheek, chin and even forehead implants are on the rising too.

Though Fat Grafting is a procedure targeted to solve the issues that implants are going to solve, implants provide a foundation to the area and it is easier to predict the result of the surgery. Implants are able to achieve huge augmentation result and significant volume enhancement which Fat Grafting is not able to. However, as implants are still a foreign object to the body, choosing the appropriate implants size is very crucial to obtain the deire outcome. Engage in our experience surgeons now!

Butt Implants

Butt Implants, similar to silicone breasts implants, come in either round shape or tear-drop shape. Butt Augmentation process involves inserting implants to create a larger, shapelier and more sensuous butt. Achieving a natural looking butt after the surgery is very much possible if performed by an experience surgeon who is able to pick out the appropriate size and shape of the silicone implant. Round shape implants are able to help you achieve a prominent projection of your butt, while teardrop implants focus more on the fullness and richness of the lower butt. However, the height of the butt from round implants will be lower as compared to teardrop implants, in order to contour the butt naturally and beautifully with other parts of the body. The type of implants to be used should be recommended by surgeon as individual criteria varies. Learn more from our Board Certified Surgeon now!

Cheek Implants

Cheek Implants is not a very common procedure that people usually undergo. While many undergo facial contouring procedure to reduce the cheekbone, cheek implants add body and contour to cheek that lacks definition, to create natural, soft and beautiful face which contour the whole face aesthetically. This is a very crucial procedure as implanting not suitable implants into the cheek, will cause the face to look odd or even deformed. Cheek Implants provide a permanent rejuvenation facial appearance and have a longer lasting effect over Fat Grafting and Fillers injections. Cheek is the hallmark of youth and you can have a peace of mind knowing this surgery is reversible!

Chin Implants

Chin is a very prominent feature on the face and it can either complement well with other facial features or gives your face a bad name. Result of Silicone Chin Implants can be almost immediate after the surgery to enhance your look and adds harmony to the overall facial features. Beauty lovers are not looking to have a residing chin or a protruding one, thus undergoing this procedure will provide a whole new definition to the face which will be proportion with regards to the face. This is considered a minor surgery, but a procedure with with major transformation!

Forehead Implants

Silicone Forehead Implants do not only contour the forehead, but also the overall face including facial line of the forehead to achieve a more youthful and lively look than before. Forehead consists one-third of the upper face and this area makes an impact in leaving a good first impression. Some people have flat or uneven forehead at birth while others might be a result of unfortunate accidents. Through this procedure, you are able to achieve a smooth forehead which is a representative image of the face to leave a positive and favorable impression to others!

Paranasal Augmentation

Also known as the ‘Noble Surgery’, Paranasal Augmentation is the surgical procedure which even out the creases and deep furrows around the nose through inserting a Goretex Implant to fill up the sunken area. This is a permanent procedure to achieve young and vibrant physical appearance and it is a very popular procedure in South Korea, especially for the aged.

Body Contouring

Body Contouring is a surgical procedure where excess skin and fats are removed or reduced to alter the shape of the body to individual’s likings. These are the stubborn fats where exercising is unable to eliminate them or the sagging skin after a significant weight loss. Having lump of fats on body parts such as arms, thighs or chests are not physically attractive and it is common for people to want to have them removed in order to have a nice body figure. Body Contouring is able to reduce cellulite and stretch marks (based on individual criteria) to make it less visible. While this is a considerably complicated and major surgery, it is rather costly and requires a long period of recovery time.

Well known as ‘Mommy’s Makeovers’ surgery, Body Contouring is especially popular for females who have given birth and are unable to retain their figure or looking to enhance their physical appearance. While gaining weight during pregnancy and metabolism rate falling due to increase in age, many females find it frustrating not being able to shake off the stubborn fats. Undergoing Body Contouring is one quick way to achieve the stunning body figure that you have been dreaming about!

Body Lifting

Apart from Implants and Liposuction, Body Lifting method is another way to contour your body to a well-shape and physically attractive one. Almost every body part is able to undergo Body Lifting procedure, as long as there are excessive fats or skin. This procedure is done by removing the excessive skin and tightening the tissues on the body part, restoring the youthful and beautiful look. Body Lifting also helps to tone out the skin and achieve a contour that is in proportion to the body. While this is a rather complicated surgery, the downtime is much longer than other surgeries, and so is the recovery time. Risks and complications are also involved so make sure you find a suitable surgeon to carry out the surgery for you!


Calf-Neurotomy, also referred to ‘Calf-Reduction’ is basically the procedure to reduce the fats on the calf to make it look slimmer and skinny leg lines. Having a nice pair of legs is very physically attractive and you can wear any piece of dress to your likings without feeling ashamed anymore. Calf-Neurotomy is done through using high radiation to condense the selected muscle areas to reduce the muscle size and provide a long lasting outcome. It is much effective than Botox injections for reducing the size and volume of the calves. Calf-Neurotomy is a simple non-invasive procedure and undergoers are able to return to daily activity immediately after the surgery as side effects such as swelling and bruising are almost negligible. The best candidate to undergo this procedure is those who have masculine calves (might be due to sports or exercise) or asymmetric calf-muscles.