Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation - Silicone
Different Type of Breasts Implants - Silicone
Wide and Low Type, Semi-Moderate. Wide diameter but flat type. When you wish to change the shape of breasts with enough volume already.
Moderate Type. The most popular type. For those with the common size of chest.
Narrow and High Type. Customized for the Asians with narrow chest. For those who has narrow chest but wishes to create full volume.
Banobagi's MOTIVA Implants
Banobagi's Breast Augmentation Surgery
Banobagi's Breast Augmentation Surgery
Banobagi's Breast Augmentation Surgery
Banobagi's Breast Augmentation Surgery
Banobagi's Breast Augmentation Surgery
ID Hospital Breast Augmentation Surgery
ID Hospital Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breasts Augmentation

Breasts Augmentation is typically a plastic surgery procedure to insert implants into a woman’s breasts to make them larger. Generally, this is to boost one’s self confidence and be sexually attractive.  Asians, alongside with smaller bodies, usually have smaller breasts as compared to Europeans. Undergoing breasts augmentation certainly enhances your physical appearance and gives you the ability to dress to your likings!

Similar to Rhinoplasty, the main implants used today for breasts augmentation are Silicone Cohesive Gel Implant and MOTIVA. Silicone implants are considered the first generation used for breasts augmentation, which are still widely used till today. MOTIVA, on the other hand, is said to be the second generation which gives a more natural look and feel. While MOTIVA is costlier than silicone implants, it is gaining popularity all around the world! 

Silicone Cohesive Gel Implant

Silicone breasts implants are generally classified into 2 categories: Round and Teardrop. These come in different sizes and either have a smooth or textured shell. Round silicone implants are able to create proportioned breasts and is suitable for any female and any body types. All Round Silicone Implants comes with a smooth shell, which gives soft, round and nicely shaped look and feel.

Teardrop Silicone Implants are developed in 2012 and are designed to create and maintain the shape of original breasts. All Teardrop Silicone Implant has a textured shell and is thicker than round implants, which can be easily felt as compared to round implants.

The general misconception is that Teardrop implants are able to create more natural looking breasts. However, Round implants are equally capable of achieving the ideal result. The best way to find out is to consult our surgeons to recommend the best choice which suits you!


MOTIVA Breast Augmentation is said to be the safest surgery to enhance the breasts. Unlike Silicone Implants which have either a smooth or textured shell, MOTIVA has s special shell and texture, without the use of foreign objects which might damage the implants. This is an ‘upgraded’ version of breast augmentation surgery which has the ease of insertion and requires only a small incision. While Silicone Implants are able to ‘navigate’ inside the body, MOTIVA is designed to produce a strong and durable effect. MOTIVA also provides the most natural look and feel due to its ultra-soft yet stable filing gel for shape retention!

Polyurethan Silicone Implants

Polyurethan Silicone Implants is also classified under Silicone Implants which is said to be the safest implants procedure for Silicone material. The advantage of this implants is to reduce the risk of having the need for revision surgery. The addition of the foam restricts the implants from shifting inside the body or rotation which might cause the movement of implants from the desired position. Polyurethan Foam Covered Implants also reduce the chances of implants shrinking and damaging the implants, which will then require revision surgery.

Breast Fat Graft

Breast Fat Grafting is the surgical procedure of enhancing your breasts using other parts of your body which has excess fats. In layman’s terms, it is transferring of fats from other body parts to the breasts. While this procedure enhances 2 different surgeries, it can be costlier than other breast augmentation procedures. However, this procedure is considered the safest Breast Augmentation procedure as the complication rate is almost negligible since the tissues are from the patient’s body parts. Breast Fat Grafting is only suitable for small breasted female, seeking for a modest Breast Augmentation.  

Breast Lift & Nipple Lift

One reason for Breast Lift and Nipple Lift is generally for anyone who encounters sagging breasts which are not physically attractive. Discomfort of wearing bras and losing self-confidence often results from having sagging breasts. Breast Lift is often done in conjunction with Breasts Augmentation, to reposition the implant breasts to a more youthful position as the volume increases. By removing excess skin and reshaping breast tissues, you can obtain your desired breasts to fit bras and swimsuits more comfortably and attractively. Pregnancy could also affect the shape of the breasts and often results in not proportional breasts which are not attractive. By undergoing such surgery, you can restore back the youthful and feminine pair of breasts!

Accessory Breasts

Accessory Breasts refers to the condition of having additional breast. While having additional breast seems odd, it is common for people who have excess breast tissues. Undergoing this surgery will remove the excess breast tissues and completely remove the additional breast, regaining back your beauty!


Gynecosmastia also refers to ‘man boobs’ or ‘moobs’ in today’s context. It is often deemed as exceptionally displeasing to look at. Having Gynecosmastia often results in chest pain and losing self-confidence due to the constant mocking by friends and others. Due to excess breast tissues, they are stored in the man chest which results in female alike breast. Through surgery, the excess breast tissues are removed through surgery and you are able to regain your confidence. However, removing such tissues can also be done through liposuction, known as Axilla. So, let our experienced surgeons give you the right recommendations today!